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  • Welcome to your new holiday system

    2Share® can transform your investment into profit by simply sharing your holiday experience.

    Learn more in 3 easy steps

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    Save Money

    When you choose a 2Share® product, is to ensure occupancy rate at your favourite hotel for years to come, in turn, the hotel gives you high discounts because it avoids the payment of commissions to intermediaries.

    Here everyone wins, enjoy!

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    Share your

    We all like to share our holiday experience. We share with our family, friends and even on social networks. With 2Share® can make this advantageous sharing. By following a few simple steps, you can become our newest ambassador and turn your holiday into profit.

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    Enter the members area, download the presentation of your product, show it to your friends and send us the contact of the interested parties. We do the rest. Raised by each friend receives a commission of 20%, and by each fund performed for his friends, receives a commission of 10%.

    Test it in our simulator